Meeting Specific Needs
Equipment Hauling

Careful and Quick Transport
of Equipment and Materials


Licensed, Insured, Registered, and Trustworthy

We are commercially licensed and insured, as well as DOT and Motor Carrier Registered. Our experienced drivers will ensure loads are properly secured to keep your property safe during transit.


High Capacity Roll-on / Roll-off Trailer

We can haul up to 21,000 pounds with a roll-on / roll-off trailer. At 30 feet long there will be plenty of room for equipment and materials, including many common loads:

  • Excavators
  • Skid Steers
  • Tele Handlers
  • Tractors
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Building Materials
  • Hay Bales

If the material is not self loading (wheeled or tracked) the customer is responsible for both loading and unloading! 


Interstate Shipping

We are licensed for interstate commerce and operate throughout North Idaho, Western Montana, and Eastern Washington. We are not licensed for hazardous material transport.


Vehicles and Heavy Equipment

Most medium duty equipment, cars, trucks, and tractors will fit 30-foot long trailer easily. Self-loading (wheeled or tracked) equipment can be both loaded and unloaded by our drivers.

About Us

7B Forestry Mulching is a proud Idaho company founded by a family of military veterans that live in the community. After more than 20 years of moving around the country for the U.S. Army, Jared and Kristen Sloan moved with their seven home-schooled children to Sandpoint, the last home they will ever need.