Forestry Mulching
For Realtors

Beautifying and Preparing for Sale
Property Preparation


Visual Aesthetics

Do you have a client that wants to very quickly improve the visual aesthetics of their property? 7B Forestry Mulching can rapidly transform the woods around a house with stunning results that frequently increase the value and sales price. Depending on the terrain and density, we can often clear up to three acres per day.


Property Useability

Did you recently sell a property sight unseen and now have a buyer that does not know what to do with the land? 7B Forestry Mulching can work directly with the new owner to reduce old stumps and dead trees while thinning the entire landscape for a much more useable property.

About Us

7B Forestry Mulching is a proud Idaho company founded by a family of military veterans that live in the community. After more than 20 years of moving around the country for the U.S. Army, Jared and Kristen Sloan moved with their seven home-schooled children to Sandpoint, the last home they will ever need.

Why Mulch?

By processing trees and other vegetation where they stand, mulching machines eliminate many of the steps involved in land clearing such as site prep, cutting, felling, hauling, and site cleanup. This also eliminates the need for large machines such as a bulldozer that can cause significant soil disturbance. On simpler jobs only one mulching machine is required, reducing fuel requirements and emissions.